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Take care of your energy

2020 – what a year so far, right? Several topics have come to the surface, especially in connection with Corona, obviously. You would think that we all came out of this lockdown phase deeply relaxed. Well, nope... The isolation from the outside world has created issues for many and has once again proven that true life takes place inside ourselves – regardless of whether everything is shut down outside.

If we look at the astrological context, what has happened so far this year is no coincidence. There is a noticeable change of energy taking place that you may perceive. It was and still is – not just because of the new situations caused by Corona, but in general an intense time.

For the second half of the year it does not look any calmer. We can look forward to further exciting collective and individual challenges. Mars will be in its own sign of Aries for the entire second half of the year and promises a lot of power. This constellation can hold potential for conflict, but it can also, for the better, provide strength for emancipation as it has already begun with the debate on racism.

This situation offers a wonderful opportunity for self-development – but it will need a lot of energy.

It's super exciting what this year has to offer and to see if you are able to ride the wave. There is plenty of positive usable energy for you. But it is very important that we all look after ourselves well, since such energy transformations can be very demanding right down to the physical level. Furthermore engaging with new topics, changes and the emotions that arise in the process requires more energy than we are used to in our normal everyday life. For example, we had to arrange ourselves differently in in work life and adapt to the new situation, that alone has triggered slumbering fears, aggressions, restlessness or other emotions in many. This situation offers a wonderful opportunity for self-development – but it will need a lot of energy.

So, how are you doing these days? Do you have sufficient energy for round two of this crazy year? And if not, how could you take care of your energy? Where are you wasting too much unnecessary energy? A few examples that you might find yourself in...


We all know that worrying is a waste of energy. Nevertheless, we all do it – just observe yourself and change your mind if you catch yourself doing it.


The Corona period may have cast a different light on your relationships. Both relationships with people you suddenly spent much more time with but also those you have not seen for a long time. Which relationships are currently serving you well and are worth the energy you invest in them? We often tend to stick to people who are hardly willing to invest anything in the mutual relationship or friendship. Afraid of being abandoned, we nevertheless cling to it. Ask yourself: In which of your relationships is there true interest in each other?


By work I mean all the activities through which we earn money, unpaid work (household etc.) but also what I call the "always having to do something" craze. Work gives us a task and occupation and we can at best express ourselves in it. Also the fact that we (maybe) all have a tidy neat home now that we finally got around to cleaning up is very positive! But it is important to take good care of your energy balance just the same. Doing NOTHING and letting your soul dangle is just as important and recharges your batteries.

Try to take good care of your body during this exciting time.


The sensationalist media, who excessively report on negative things, are not exactly beneficial to consume especially if you are sensitive to them. Be aware that not everything can be taken at face value and ask yourself what is the point of following certain news.

Physical strain

Be aware of getting caught in a vicious circle. If you are anxious or stressed out, you may find it difficult to eat a balanced diet, get enough exercise and sleep well. Vice versa, the disregard of your physical needs will again lead to psychological stress. Try to take good care of your body during this exciting time. If you have difficulties with sleeping, for example, we can take a look at it together.

Fast energy boosters

  • Smlie: Even when you do not feel like it, smile and you will feel better!

  • Gratitude: One thought of what you are grateful for is enough to make a big difference The best thing is to write down a few points every day.

  • Surrender: We never know what life may hold for us. Surrender yourself to the flow of life in joyful serenity!

  • Treat yourself: You know best what brings a smile to your face. Do you like flowers? Then that could be a gift from you to you!

Ready to go? Energy healing can provide support for challenging times. Book a Reiki or Matrix session with me.

I wish you a wonderful day


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