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The Coronavirus cure?

To all who are now bulk-buying Echinacea because of the media coverage...

The substance extracted from the red coneflower is an immune system booster. So it' s not really surprising that it is also effective against the coronavirus. I have personally been taking the product for a number of years when I feel I need an immune boost – and it's great. But please be aware that just like with common medicine, taking a supplement isn't enough.

The immune system depends on countless factors and I presume that unfortunately many people are not aware of this, especially in connection with the corona virus.

As an absolute basic information one has to understand that everything in this world has a vibration. Furthermore, both good and bad energy attracts more of the same. We realize this, for example, when we have got up on the wrong side of the bed: such a day usually does not get any better, because one thing goes wrong after another. Or as a good example, when we are fully in flow, one good opportunity follows the next.

Probably the most underestimated weakening of our immune system is caused by stress.

The corona virus vibrates low, like all viruses. We become susceptible to the virus when we vibrate low as well. A high vibration, on the other hand, is automatically equivalent to a good immune system. Does this mean that if we pay attention to our energy level we are 100% protected? No, but we are not completely protected from anything. But raising our vibration level is definitely the best prevention for diseases and increases our well-being either way..

So how can we increase our vibration?

  • Practice mindfulness: It is extremely important to notice what we are thinking and feeling all day long, because that' s how we create our reality.

  • Concentrate on and celebrate other high vibrational energies like love, joy, compassion etc. – you know yourself how you feel when you have these feelings: Connected and on the right path.

  • If you experience low vibrating energies such as fear, condemnation, shame etc., set out to gently heal and transform the connected subjects yourself or with guidance.

  • Gratitude: We all have a lot to be thankful for. The energy of gratitude vibrates very high and it is enough to think or write down every day what we are grateful for. Do not forget yourself: what can you thank yourself for?

  • Autogenic training and meditation: These are basically tools to achieve all of the above. Scientific studies have long since proven their beneficial effects on health.

  • Surround yourself with high vibrational energies: In your relationships, media consumption, books, etc. Do not underestimate the impact of what information you consume every day.

  • Spend time in nature: We are nature and not separate from it, even if we may sometimes forget it. This too has been proven (what a surprise) – when we spend time in nature, our immune system is strengthened.

  • Avoid stress: probably the most underestimated weakening of our immune system is caused by stress. Even short-term stress brings us out of balance, making us more susceptible to illness.

  • Eat energising food: there are countless guides on nutrition and there regularly are new studies. It's easy to lose track. But a few basic factors always remain the same and if we are honest, we all know what is good for us and what is not. In terms of vibration it is said that vegetables and fruits and especially organic foods vibrate high, and dead tissue like meat vibrates low. But sometimes this can be exactly what we need. Make sure that you train your body awareness and mindfulness so that you can feel the reactions in your body and sense what is good for you.

  • Make sure you get enough exercise and fresh air: this is not a surprise either. We were not born to sit at home or in front of the computer for days on end. Whether jogging, swimming or yoga – the positive effect is immediately noticeable.

  • Avoid toxins: This is not so easy nowadays. Apart from alcohol and other intoxicants, we are surrounded by chemicals used in food etc. Use natural cosmetics if possible and consume organic products.

The list could go on further, for example with issues such as electrosmog. However, this is hardly avoidable in our environment and it is just as important not to be carried away. Remember: Your thoughts have an incredible power. So do not amplify the bad effects of something inevitable like electrosmog by worrying worries about it.

Do you need support in strengthening your resistance? I am here for you. Book a session.



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