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The lotus is often used as a logo or symbol - as it is by me. But what is the true meaning behind this exquisite flower?

Growth of the lotus flower

The lotus flower is an exceptionally beautiful water plant. Its flowers rise high above the water surface on strong stems. At the beginning, only small leaves appear above the water surface, but over time leaves can grow up to 60cm diameter on stems up to 1.5m long! 


The lotus plant grows in a muddy, murky environment, through which it must persistently fight its way up to reach the surface. Despite or perhaps because of these difficult circumstances, the result is a beautiful, pure flower.

The lotus effect

The special characteristic of the leaves of the lotus flower is that they are water and dirt repellent. From a biological point of view, this allows the plant to protect itself from pathogens and germs, and ensures exposure to light is not reduced by dirt.


The side effect is that the lotus always remain flawlessly beautiful, no matter its surroundings.

Spiritual meaning

The lotus blossom has a long history of spiritual meaning, already being considered sacred as early as the time of ancient Egypt, where it was a symbol of creation, regeneration and resurrection. In Asia the lotus has become a symbol of personal growth, beauty, wisdom and creation. 

The lotus is seen as an analogy of how we humans can overcome difficulties and suffering to attain clarity and enlightenment. This includes suffering created by the thoughts and emotions that hinder us.

Message of the symbol

We humans have a comprehensive understanding of the world, which empowers us with perception and insight, but can also stand in our way. It means we waste far too much energy getting upset or discouraged by difficulties. The lotus blossom, on the other hand, is not the least bit affected by difficulties; it grows steadfastly and tirelessly towards the light.

The symbolism of the lotus flower reminds us not to get caught up in negative spirals of thought, but to direct our energy to what is beneficial to our growth. Inspired by the lotus, we can practice non-attachment and letting go, and strive towards our goals in a focused, determined, calm and patient manner – trusting that even burdening experiences are, as the mud is to the lotus flower, nourishment for our soul and growth.

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