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Matrix Energetics


Experience the magic of this subtle healing method and feel rapid shifts in your body and mind.

Quantum healing happens on a subtle level. Everything that exists is energy and vibration, subject to constant change and connected to everything. Our own energy fields store   limitless information that impacts our daily lives. By using the Matrix method, we can heal the emotional wounds, traumas, blockages, and beliefs that alter the energy field, causing many of the problems and suffering we face.
The Matrix Energetics technique is particularly suitable for removing obstructive beliefs from our system and integrating beneficial suggestions, quickly and noticeably bringing about a new alignment.

What happens during a matrix treatment?

​The treatment can be done in either a standing or sitting position. The therapist touches the patient with one hand and works in the field with the other. You feel the change of energy through the wave created by the transformation. Changes in well-being are usually immediately noticeable.



I usually only apply the matrix technique during max. 15 minutes, because too many field changes at once can be too intense. The session will be charged according to my hourly rate (CHF 150.-).

If you would like to book only a Matrix treatment, a fixed rate of CHF 75 (30 minutes) will be charged, including pre- and post-treatment consultation.

The costs are not covered by health insurance.

Matrix distance treatment


The Matrix energy healing method can also be practiced remotely. As the energetic waves cause body swaying, you should be in a safe place at home for the distance treatment. It is necessary that you have already been to my practice at least once in person. 

The duration of a Matrix distance treatment, including the telephone call, is between 10 and 30 minutes. 


Card, cash or TWINT


For an appointment you can contact me using the contact form, by mail, or by phone. You can cancel an appointment up to 24 hours before, otherwise you will still be charged.

Matrix Quantenheilung lernen

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