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Let yourself be accompanied spiritually and holistically in your process and achieve lasting changes.


Psychosynthesis was developed by the Italian doctor and psychiatrist Roberto Assagioli. Its principle is that every human being already has within them the wisdom and skills to handle the challenges in their lives. In contrast to classical psychology, psychosynthesis deals not only with imprints from the past, but with our potential as spiritual beings as well. The three levels of being, subconscious - conscious - superconscious, are taken into account.


The goal of a holistic therapy is to gain awareness of all the processes working within us and to become more self-responsible. Psychosynthesis can support us in various ways to live our full potential and not to be tossed around by life, but to become creators of our own happiness.


If you are ready to go on the inner process of self-education, psychosynthesis is an incredibly enriching path of development. 

This offer is for you if you...

  • Want to change your life or parts of it but don't know how to do it

  • Would like to live passionately, but something is always holding you back

  • You don't allow yourself to dream big because you don't think it's possible or you don't think you're good enough for it

  • You go round in circles on certain issues

  • No longer wanting to live as a victim of your past experiences

  • Are frustrated because you find yourself in similar relationship or other situations over and over again

  • Find many things exhausting and have lost your enthusiasm

  • Tired of listening to well-meaning advice that doesn't suit you

  • Perhaps have already recognised many of your patterns and blockages, but somehow you can't change them

"Become, what you are"

–– guiding principle of Psychosynthesis

This kind of work is much like coming home. We all have certain ideas about what our possibilities and characteristics are, how others and we ourselves would describe us, what we are good at, what we are not good at, and so on. These are all created belief patterns that are not capable of describing our inner essence. The path of self-recognition and awareness leads us to our true personality and transpersonal essence. 


Course of a Psychosynthesis counselling

Counselling based on psychosynthesis is a holistic, spiritual form of therapy. The aim is to gain more awareness of all the processes operating within us, to use our freedom of choice and to become self-responsible. For this purpose, different easy-to-use, proven tools are provided:

  • Reflection and awareness practices

  • Meditation and imagination techniques

  • Constellation work and role play

  • Bodywork

  • Painting and working with symbols

  • Training of willpower and perception

  • Strengthening resources 


You are unique and your needs are what we focus on. That's why there is no standard procedure, instead we check each session individually to see what you need and which techniques suit you best. 

Background of Psychosynthesis

Psychosynthesis was developed by the Italian psychiatrist Roberto Assagioli (1888-1974). Its fundamental principle is that every human being already has the wisdom and the abilities to solve his or her life's challenges within him- or herself. In contrast to classical psychology, it does not only work with the conditioning from the past, but also with our potential as a spiritual being. The three levels of existence - subconscious - conscious - superconscious/transpersonal - are taken into account.

Costs and appointments

CHF 150.- per hour


Contact me via contact form, email or phone for further information and a free initial consultation in which we can clarify your wishes and initial situation and get to know each other.

The costs are not covered by health insurance.


Payment by card, cash or TWINT on site or on account.


Cancellations less than 24 hours in advance will be charged. 

More information on psychosynthesis and counsellors from all over Switzerland

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