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Learn more about yourself and your soul essence and get to know my work.

Do you want to change something in your life or deal with yourself more deeply? On this page I offer you an insight into valuable tools that will help you to do so.

Centering and awareness exercise

Your true consciousness is overwhelmed all day long by thoughts, feelings, bodily sensations and the roles and personality parts you take on in your life. When you uncover the way underneath all these layers, you can get back to your centre and your creative power, from which you can steer your life in your desired direction. 


In psychosynthesis (also called the psychology of the soul), the so-called disidentification exercise is taught for this purpose, which I am happy to make available to you here. Listen to the words and dive into the experience in a relaxed way. Please note that my recorded meditation is only available in German. You may find English versions on Youtube. 


PS: As with everything, practice makes perfect. If you listen to the recording regularly, or ideally daily, your perception and effectiveness will change greatly.

Get to know your personality parts


Your personality is not an unchangeable single unit. It consists of conscious and unconscious parts that are shaped by your personal experiences, social-cultural currents and old ancestral and developmental patterns. 


The parts of you that you repress or suppress always carry a treasure in them - even if you do not see anything positive in them. The goal of true personality development is not to have only good qualities, but to integrate all parts. Through recognition and integration, a transformation process automatically takes place. 


Learn more about this topic in the blog post about subpersonalities and fill out the free worksheet to get to know your personality traits. 
I haven't translated this form in English yet. Please let me know if you're interested in it. 

Also free of charge: Book your initial consultation

Get to know me without obligation

If you want to work on your issues and actively influence the direction your life should take, a spiritual-holistic counselling can offer you the support you need. Take the first step today and register for a personal consultation in which we will discuss your issues and my approach and generally see if it is a good fit. The meeting will take place on site in my practice or via Zoom Call. I look forward to meeting you!

Are you planning to book an individual session? In this case, I don't usually offer a free initial consultation. However, we can arrange a short introductory call at any time. 

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