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Gained insights through the coronavirus

Due to the current situation and the decision of the Federal Council, no treatments with personal contact can currently be provided, which is no great news for my practice. However, I feel that the current situation does bring many good things - for all of us and especially for Mother Gaia.

As reported in several media, nature is already recovering after this short time from the harmful influence that our civilization has on it every day. The fact that water and air pollution is decreasing and that animals are gradually reclaiming their habitat are small positive outcomes, even though the larger problems such as the melting glaciers have not yet been solved. Moreover, we do not know yet how long this respite for nature will last, let alone whether there will be a sustainable change in behaviour afterwards. But at least it's a break.

The planet breathes while at the same time some people are not able to breathe well.

Of course I feel sorry for those who suffer or even die from this and for their loved ones. I also have the utmost respect for the medical staff currently working overtime. There are many people who are particularly upset about why certain people do not take this seriously enough - and rightfully so. But it's interesting to see once again why people get energized about this, because it is happening here, but not about the ignorance towards the many people who have poor or no medical care at all, who are still dying of hunger, in wars, while fleeing, through violence and so on.

We are no better in the western world - neither as other people, nor as animals, nor nature. We are all connected. Events like this remind us again and again: we need each other. Perhaps this experience will lead to a change in thinking, because our society has known nothing but prosperity so far. The current restrictions alone represent a completely new experience for us. Some may feel fear of contagion, for their lives or the lives of their loved ones.

Maybe this experience will bring us much gratitude and appreciation for how fortunate we are.

Time for a Reboot

We can all now use the time at home to reflect on our current living circumstances.

– What do I take for granted that I want to enjoy in a more conscious way in the future? Maybe it's just meeting with friends and choosing a restaurant from the sheer unlimited possibilities.

– What do I need, however, not as urgently as I thought before? Maybe toilet paper :-).

– What am I even glad about not having any more? Maybe it's the many appointments that have now been cancelled and otherwise fill our everyday life so much.

– And how do I want to make use of the insights I have gained?

I wish you all that you can use this time constructively for you and I hope that mankind understands the "COVID-19" as a wake-up call.

If I can support you in your contemplation, the dissolving of fears or simply for a feel good distance treatment, let me know.

Have a good time and be embraced virtually


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