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Daily impulses for mindfulness breaks

Corona fatigue? This mindfulness journey through the senses will definitely bring relief.

Do you sometimes find yourself trapped in pointless discussions or do you catch yourself at judging others? Do you feel bored, irritated, resigned, tense or does your angry, rebellious side come to light?

The current quality of time poses significant challenges for all of us. Many experience anxieties and worry – some are afraid of the virus others fear the vaccine, yet others experience a more existential kind of sorrow.

And as if we wouldn’t have enough “social distancing” already there are almost hostile tensions manifesting between the different factions. Everybody seems to know best what’s right and wrong.

It’s only natural to unwillingly get entangled in such circumstances, only the more important it is to assess on a regular basis what goals we direct our energy to.

How about taking a break and "zooming out" to get a fresh point of view on things happening?

The most important thing is always the moment.

In the introduction I consciously used the term “time quality”. We are now - according to astrology, various writings, channelings, etc. – in a very valuable time with powerful development potential.

Instead of distracting ourselves and hoping that everything will return to "normal" as soon as possible, we are invited to surrender to the situation and contribute our part to positive change.

How? You don't have to have an epiphany right away and suddenly see clearly what it all means or what to do. The most important thing is always the moment.

Start simple and consciously, for a few minutes each day, try to remove yourself from the torrent that is everyday life. Being mindful in the now will make you feel good and open up insights and perspectives that are denied to the limited mind.

Start simple and consciously, for a few minutes each day, try to remove yourself from the torrent that is everyday life.

In the following days, take a short time each day for your mindfulness breaks. With the impulses below you can do one exercise per day and enter another form of consciousness through your senses.

1. Vision

Let’s start our journey through our senses with the most dominant – our sense of vision.

When did you actually really see for the last time?

Close your eyes and calmly breathing in and out a few times. Try to focus your gaze "inward".

Then open your eyes again and very consciously perceive the space you are in. Look at the objects, the light conditions, the dimensions...

It can be interesting to try this exercise while walking, especially on a route that you walk frequently. Most likely you will discover something new while consciously looking :-)

Advanced exercise: do the whole thing in front of the mirror and take a REAL look at yourself.

2. Sensation

Our body gives us the wonderful gift of sensation.

Today, we will try to consciously perceive the world with our sense of touch.

Close your eyes and run your fingers all over your face from your hairline to your ears and chin. Do you know how your face feels?

Try this exercise with different structures and patterns, like a wooden table.

And of course, consciously touching and feeling is a very rewarding exercise to do together with your partner..

3. Tasting

At your next meal, try to eat more slowly, chew throughly and try to taste all the individual flavours consciously.

Of course, this exercise works just as well with drinks. If you’re an avid drinker, then treat yourself to a really conscious taste experience during your next coffee break.

In addition to the conscious perception of taste, you can also think about the journey the food has already made. Go back in your mind through the whole production process to the harvest. How many people / animals were involved in making the final product reach you?

Doesn't that immediately give you a deep feeling of gratitude and a completely different perspective on the daily food you normally take for granted?

4. Listening

Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths. Now concentrate on the sounds you hear. Are there voices or other sounds in the room you are in? Or from outside? Be aware of all the sounds.

Sound is vibration and goes directly "under our skin". We feel the strong effect of sounds on us especially when we listen to music. With music or other sounds, you can consciously perceive if and how you feel the vibration in your body.

5. Smelling

Ultimately on our journey through the senses, we have arrived at smelling.

Just as with sounds, it is equally exciting to become aware of the smells in your current environment. Why not try to smell your skin consciously.

It is also very exciting to close your eyes before eating/drinking and just smell. Does it smell different after opening your eyes?

After these daily impulses, do you feel like going further? In psychosynthesis consultations (available in German) you can train your perception and expand your consciousness. This journey leads you to your true self.



Photocredits: Unsplash

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